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Life in the style of the emoji...

Emojis are used to describe or emphasise things, or even for lyrics! This is my page to show you how to use them and how awesome they are!!!!

Emoji Pics

With emojis there is never too much. Sometimes people use emojis to make bigger pictures. Even bigger emojis!!! On the app FancyKey, they use emojis to make messages and even use special emojis to write things. Here is my favourite emoji picture and emoji text!!!

emoji panda emoji face

Emoji Lyrics

Sometimes people use emojis to represent things like before, it mentioned that the B-) face symbolises cool. Some people are clever enough to translate emojis into song lyrics. Here is one of the songs. Video games by Lana Del Ray.....

Video Games Emoji Remix from Geoffrey D'Unienville on Vimeo.

This is a more well known emoji song 'CheerLeader' by OMI!!!!!!!

This is an even more well known song ,'Uptown Funk' by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars!!!!!!!!